Who are we?

Mr Singh’s started off as Pure Veg, a restaurant based in small premises in Smethwick in 2005. 2 years later we moved to a location in Oldbury where we arrived as Mr Singh’s and concentrated on what we do best, making the world’s greatest Pizza’s!

Since then we have grown and now have 2 Locations our Flagship dine-in restaurant at Handsworth and our Takeaway Location in West Bromwich. As pioneers of the Veggie dining experience we continue to innovate with new and tasty menu items.

As a family business we hope to create a fun, family atmosphere where you can relax with friends and family, and enjoy the great food as well as the atmosphere.

so to sum up.... Mr Singh’s is a laid back, fun filled place, where you can relax, chill and eat delicious Vegetarian food, how you want it!!

Whats it all about?

We have always wanted to create a special place where customers can come and enjoy great food. Today we can eat such a vast range of food without having to be cruel to animals. All our food is suitable for Vegetarians and a majority of it is suitable for Vegans too!

At Mr Singh’s we are committed to providing the best quality dishes, using the freshest and best produce available, we make our pizza dough fresh every day to guarantee you can bite into the tastiest freshest pizza possible!

We are continually experimenting and developing new recipes to make delicious dishes using soya based ingredients and other vegetarian alternatives.

Now there’s no excuse try going veggie today!!!

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